Welcome to the page that I wish I had when I started collecting glass. The Colour Guide.

Identifying glass can be extremely tricky but one of the best ways is by looking at the colour. Factories only produced pieces in specific colours so matching the colour is a good starting place to build from.

This page is a bank of colour snap shots from different factories, and countries, for you to use.

Remember the page is always being updated so check back and see if the colour you are searching for appears here.

British Glass


Whitefriars Ocean Green FLC

Whitefriars Meadow Green

Whitefriars Lilac

Whitefriars Kingfisher Blue


Whitefriars Indigo

Whitefriars Gold Amber FLC

Whitefriars Aubergine

 Whitefriars Arctic Blue FLC


 Whitefriars Sky Blue FLC

Whitefriars Twiglight

Whitefriars Silver

Whitefriars Tangerine


Whitefriars Saphire 

Whitefriars Sage Green

Whitefriars Ruby

Whitefriars Pewter


Whitefriars Flint

Whtefriars White Ceramic On Blue

Whitefriars Sea Green

Whitefriars Royal Blue


Whitefriars Willow

Whitefriars Cinnamon

Whitefriars Aqua FLC




Dartington Clear

Dartington Flame

Dartington Kingfisher

Dartington Midnight

Dartington Royal Blue

Awaiting Dartington Green


Scandinavian Glass Colours

Riihimaen Lasi Oy 

Riihamaen Lasi Cased Red

Riihimaen Lasi Smokey Blue

 Riihimaen Lasi Olive Green

Riihimaen Lasi Blue tint Green


Riihimaen Lasi Electric Green

Riihimaen Lasi Electric Blue

Riihimaen Lasi Cinnamon

 Riihimaen Lasi Clear


Riihimaen Lasi Amerthyst

 Riihimaen Lasi Amber

Riihimaen Lasi Orange